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Direct Messaging

Connect seamlessly with influencers' managers directly through the platform. Direct Messaging feature ensures messages are not just sent but received, making your outreach process highly efficient. Cut through the noise and establish direct connections for smoother collaboration.

Efficient Campaign Matching

Managers input exclusive first-party data about the talent they manage, providing you with a powerful way to meet the right influencers tailored to your campaign needs.

Spark Submissions, Connect with the Right Influencers

Effortlessly meet the right influencers through Creator Calls. Automate your outreach and vetting process today.

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"At PHD, my team and I prefer evaluating those influencers suggested to us via the Talent Pitch Pro. Our agency has a diverse client base of local, national and international clients and each with social marketing needs and so we receive many pitch decks and PDF files on Influencers. Simply put, it provides us with all the necessary info in an easy to navigate user-experience that makes our job easier...which is a good thing."

Aimee Duell
PHD, Executive Director, Content

"I love Talent Pitch Pro! If all talent managers provided their influencer talent via this tool my job would be that much easier. It's easy to navigate and provides everything our brand teams require to review talent for Influencer campaigns."

Diyanti Camilla
Revlon, Senior Global PR& Influencer Marketing Manager

"I prefer the hyperlink. The fact that it’s automated and the data refreshes is super helpful. It also feels more interactive versus the PDF. I like that in the clickable hyperlink you can click out to different things like their content, their page, etc versus you have to do that manually with the PDF"

Jenny Rosen
Brand Manager, COVERGIRL & Rimmel